We are nearly there!

You can do this! Today, i paid, because i could feel that waiting was not enough. I felt that if i wanted to see this through I would have to embrace your hand and stand beside you.

So here i am, with you and beside you. Let us all hold hands and see this through. I am here to support you. Feel my presence and create! I need you to do this for us. We need this! I will believe without doubt. Please share in my belief, it is mine and it is ours.

We need this now and the time is now. Let us all give the final push to see this over the line.

Scrivener 3 for Windows is so close i can feel it. Do you feel it, then push?

Thanks for this upbeat post! It’s appreciated. But, man … I thought I was a hippie. :laughing:

with how quickly the last betas - 27, 28 and 29 have appeared, I’m inclined to believe that we are around the last corner and in the home stretch of the race.

I had decided to get the Windows version this past spring, then started checking back this summer when it seemed like it was around the corner, but in the face of the ongoing slog, reminding me of the reality of the inherent uphill difficulty in getting a smooth and stable program in Windows, I’ve decided that I don’t have the time for the inevitable problems it will have.

Maybe in 5 years when it’s on sale and there is a known stable build that I can roll back to after purchase.

This is not a dig at the people at Scrivener working hard on this, this is just the stark reality of anything Windows.

Happy with my Apple version, occasionally using Google Docs and Apple notes works for me in a jam until I can get to my laptop (because the dropbox link hack is too much trouble) :wink:

I do wish you all good luck on this epic endeavor!

It seems like they keep pushing out the release date of Scrivener 3 for Windows because they want to make sure they hammer out ANY AND ALL of the bugs. The development update post stated this. This is a fool’s errand in my opinion. You can’t possibly create a “perfect” piece of software. No software is like that. If Microsoft or Adobe had that stubborn philosophy in developing their software, they would have gone bankrupt long ago. But even more important is the observation that if they keep fixing bugs waiting for a perfect software for release, they’ll never release it, for new bugs will always pop up. I would suggest that they just release the software now and then hammer out the smaller bugs in incremental updates.

Where was this again? I skimmed the last blog post (August), and the beta release post that they update every time a new release comes out. I didn’t find anything about eliminating “any and all” bugs.

I did find reference to features that weren’t even hooked up to checkboxes in the compile interface (the latest Windows beta blog post). I also found in the latest set of updates this little gem: “Failure to save tutorial prevents Scrivener opening” Yikes. Not being able to open Scrivener at all after trying the Interactive Tutorial, something we all encourage newbies to do… that doesn’t sound like a smaller bug to me. Also, the compiler has lots of bugs being squashed. That could be huge for self-publishers who are already going to be irritated with the compile re-design.

Again, I’d be curious to see the post where Lit & Lat people are saying that the commercial release version will prove to be 100% bug free.