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I’ve been adding Web pages to my research folder but now that I’ve learned about Safari’s Web Archives, I would rather add them to Scrivener in that format so I can view the web pages when I’m not online. I know I can add Web Archives in Scrivener through Import Files (after I’ve save the file into my desktop using Save As in Safari). But I’m wondering, is there a way to do that in one step in Scrivener? If not, can you add a button for Add Web Archive to your handy Add button on the main toolbar?

Also, how can I get answers to these posts by e-mail?

If you go to the “User Control Panel” look at the “Board Preferences” tab, then click on the “Edit posting defaults” side bar you can then click on “Yes” to the “notify me upon replies default” option. Then when ever a reply is posted to your message you will get an email.

You can also see a “Notify me when a reply is posted” on the options tab of the message post window. that will not be a global default, but will work for only that thread.

If you are looking to email the support arm of Lit & Lat directly I would ask you to consider the following: Is it possible that other may be interested in, or able to answer, or may want to comment on your issue/question/idea?

The reason I ask is that the amazing support department of Lit & Lat is not just the one man arm that posts messages to the forums under the user name KB, but consists of the entire user base. There are folks on this forum that can tell you every thing from how to weld to pieces of metal, to how to make real southern beans, to how LaTeX can best be integrated into your workflow, to how to best diagnose your OSX issues, to how you can import a web archive directly into Scriv. One of the problems with certain software companies is that they hide support issues from the larger population. KB likes to make sure that every one that has purchased his product can see issues with Scriv, and maybe even help him help us.

Which is why we like helping each other. Plus it lets him work on the implementing new and improving the existing features.

BTW if you are in the research folder try using File --> Import --> Web Page.

Thanks to Jaysen for answering! I’ll just add that if you use this feature a lot, you can also add it to your toolbar via View > Customize Toolbar… (Be warned that there is a horrible Apple bug in 10.4.11 that can cause crashes with web archives - not a problem on Leopard, though.)

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Isn’t Import Web Page different from Import File, then selecting a Web Archive file? The first one creates a link to the web page, which subsequently will only load if you’re online (or that page happens to be in cache). Importing a Web Archive saves a file of that page on your computer, which you can view even if you’re not online, correct? That’s what I wondered if you can do in one step. Right now, I open the Web page in Safari, Save As a web archive to my desktop, them Import File in Scrivener. Not a big deal, but I do use a lot of web pages in my research.

No, Import Web Page imports the web page into Scrivener as a .webarchive. It should be no different from manually saving the webarchive from Safari and then importing it (although Scrivener’s “import web page” feature won’t work for all pages because it is not as sophisticated in its web knowledge as Safari). Certain files rely on a cache in webarchives that are saved from Safari, too. Anyway, when you click on “Import Web Page”, what happens is that Scrivener creates a .webarchive from the web page. That’s how it stores them internally.

Myself I tend to use
(save to PDF) in Safari