web links in the binder

Any way to have web links how up as files in the binder?
In the Mac version I can just drag and drop to add a new binder file under “research.” The result.shows up when the project is synced to Scrivener IOS but I’m not able to do the same thing on my IPad Pro.
The best I’m able to do is to make a text file and put the link in as the only content on the page. Is this by design?

You should be able to import web pages into the iOS version, and they should show up the same as they do on macOS, as Scrivener just uses a standard web view to show the contents of such files (I assume you mean importing a whole web page rather than just a link).

All the best,

Thanks Keith. For some reason I thought I could just drag and drop. Neglected the all important “import” step. Blame it on the eggnog.
Merry Christmas and thank you and the L&L crew on great support and products this past year.