Web page that uses browser tabs

I have used Scrivener for a few years to write a novel and a few documents. I am new to this forum and have a question about creating web pages. I want to create web pages that link to other web pages in such a way that the linked page is rendered in a new browser tab (or window) so that the individual using the browser can click between tabs (or windows) to view either page and switch between them at will. I would like to be able to link to either a web page on my website or to a web page on the www. This feature is especially valuable in educational material where supplemental information may be needed that can be reviewed alongside the primary material. Is this feature available, and if so where is it documented?
I use Scrivener 3 on Mac OS on a MacBook Air with an M1 processor.

What you are looking for is the target attribute of an HTML web link. In particular, you want to supply your link code with target=‘_blank’. You cannot actually control whether that opens a new tab or a new browser window, because that is a preference controlled by the user.

Cf. relevant W3 Schools entry


Not really a Scrivener support question!

Thank your for your response. I’m well aware of the html coding to accomplish this. I have been doing that for years. I’m about to embark on a much larger web project and was hoping to use Scrivener to develop the project. I gather from your response that I must look elsewhere or continue to do what I have been doing.

Well, I wouldn’t take it from my (unhelpful) HTML-only answer that what you are wanting can’t be done.

Scrivener is designed to concatenate the Compiled items into a single document in whatever format. If, instead, you want to create a “site,” with multiple pages connected by links, you’ll need to do a bit of post-Scrivener wrangling.

Thanks for helping me understand the process. I was beginning to suspect that what you describe was the case after reading the documentation. I was hoping that I missed something. Using Scrivener to do my project would present a maintenance nightmare. Thanks for your help.