Web site annotation

I am looking for the best way to annotate quotes, pages, ideas, etc. from the web. Is there a way to do this automatically? When I drag and drop a web page there is an address link at the bottom of the window. However, when I drag and drop a snippet there is no indication of the source. I could always copy and paste an address from the address field, but this is combersome. Any suggestions, or am I missing an automatic setting?


The trouble is that Scrivener can only read what is available on the pasteboard, and when a snippet is pasted to the pasteboard, it is just text with no URL, so there is nothing for Scrivener to read.

The first part of your question seemed to be about something different though - about annotating web pages. For that, you could use Documents > Convert > Web Page to Text to convert web pages to regular text documents.

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