Where can I watch recent webinars? Anyone has a link? Thnx! :slight_smile:

We have a dedicated page for the webinars now.

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But where are all the old webinars? I was watching one by OLIVER EVENSEN about the art of revising a manuscript. I started it but when I went back to it it gone.

Where are all the former webinars? They should also be arranged by topic.

That’s a good question! I had intended to watchable couple of the ones that were there. And I see that the webpage says something about current content not being available past the end of March.

I also see there was a whole slate of webinars last week. I don’t understand why Lit&Lat don’t advertise them via the newsletter and here on the forum.

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All the Webinars should be archived and arranged by topic. They are a trove of knowledge. Not that “here today, gone tomorrow.”

I went back to the one about revising because now I am about to start revising and wanted to pick up any good points he made but it is now gone. :upside_down_face:


It would be nice if expired webinars are removed from the list. There were a few I didn’t view when they were available; now when I click on the link I get:

You cannot view this recording.

This recording has expired.

I has the sads. Maybe upload them all to YouTube?

The management of these webinars is beyond baffling. They are not widely advertised, and they are time limited. It’s as though the viewership is being intentionally limited


I stand corrected, the webinars are now available in the library - delighted to see this implemented, thanks L&L

Yes, but several have expired. :frowning:

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