Webpage import fails every time

I’ve tried multiple web pages, including “easy” ones like wikipedia. If I choose PDF doc I get
“The web page could not be imported” and
“Scrivener appears to be having trouble downloading the entire contents of this web page.”

If I choose Plain Text a progress bar starts then I get the above “trouble downloading” message.

If I choose web page complete I get
“Could not retrieve content at address”
The above “trouble downloading” message.


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Your browser should have a “Save Page As” option to save a page to a local file. Do that, then try to import the result. That will help us determine whether this is a Scrivener issue with the web page, or a downloading issue related to your internet connection.

OK. Saved as xxxx.html, then imported into Scrivener just fine using Files…

These pages also can import into Evernote and OneNote. I’m a software engineer and it sure looks to me like a Scrivener issue.


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Also just discovered, in case is sheds light, the page I imported using Files is totally uneditable. Can’t type on it, can’t select on it, can’t select all using Ctrl-A. I can select all by scrolling but then I can’t delete it or anything.

Can you edit it with a non-Scrivener tool?

Interesting I imported this page as web file and this page from the daily beast with pictures
, but not a wikipedia page
It may be a script issue on the page and assuming he is importing into the research section of the project.
Windows 11 pro with latest software version.
could not edit the page but could copy and paste print from it into another scrivener file and copy images from the file I imported.

Scrivener for Windows tries to download and save as MHT, by the way. So any tool (such as most browsers) that can save pages as MHT files will provide the best way to import pages that don’t work properly with the downloader in the software.

If you aren’t trying to archive pages (MHT) for reference, and are looking for an editable import of the text, then why not just copy and paste out of the web page at that point?

Of course. It’s just an .html file. Any editor can edit it.

Of course there are work arounds. The point is, this is a Scrivener bug and should be fixed. There are menu options that simply don’t work. That said, I suspect it’s just my instance of Scrivener since other people seem to have no problem doing this. I’ve been a software developer for nearly 50 years and this looks to me like there’s some configuration in my instance of Scrivener that is responsible for this. But that’s still a bug.

I also tried specifying Scrivener as an app allowed through my firewall. Made no difference.

Right, I was just pointing out that if you were looking to import editable formatted text that’s not the right tool for it anyway. Even if it was working for you it would result in an MHT file, which you’d need some kind of special editor for.

I do agree that some have more luck than others though. I’ve never seen a simple explanation for why. If you can figure something out please do share. Even if we can’t fix it (fairly sure this just a pretty stock Qt library thing going on here) ourselves, it would at least help others.

Thanks. I appreciate the thought.

So, I tried upgrading to Scrivener 3. Still won’t import a simple Wikipedia page. Sort of imported another more complicated page but just a small part of it. I give up. This is just completely unsatifactory. If you have menu options they should work.

I try to import a website from wikipedia (for an easy example).
Scrivener ask for the URL and answer: I cant import the URL, try to save as PDF…
I try to move the button from the browser in different folder (Corcboard, investigating,…) in Scrivener, but dont work.
There is no possebility to import a website in Scrivener, just the URL in Text.
Is it right?
And please excuse my english, im german!

As noted above, in the thread I’ve merged you post with, Wikipedia isn’t working properly with the import tool right now. We have upgraded the internal component that handles this process, and it appears to be working fine in internal builds.

In most cases the tool should should work though. For example you should be able to import this thread.

I don’t know if there will be a second beta build, but if there is, the fix should be included in it. Here is where you can watch for new beta uploads.

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So, Wiki wasnt an easy example :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your help!

You would think it would be, but in our testing they use an unusual server response early in the transmission that the older version of the toolkit read as an error (even though it isn’t), so it was acting as though the web server was broken.

Just an update that I uploaded a copy of the beta installer that includes this fix; see previous post for the link.

Got the Beta. Successfully imported a Wikipedia page. Did not import the images. Not sure I care about that but someone will. Thanks.

Interesting, I definitely got images in my testing.


Are you getting images generally, from other sites?