Websites promoting freelance writing

I’ve subscribed to the European Freelance Writer Newsletter, hoping I would see useful information, ads from people looking for writers and the like.

While some of that stuff is there, most of it seems to be promoting books about how to make lots of money as a freelance writer. My question is this: if the people writing these books are making so much money writing freelance, why are they writing books about it?

Don’t you just love books giving advice? Self-help books, books on writing, many of them are five times longer than they need to be, padded just to make a volume large enough to justify a high cover price.

Mind you, I wouldn’t say no to income from a guide book, perhaps called The Writer’s Guide to Spending All Your Time Reading Books About Writing, or How to Succeed at Freelance Writing by Spending Your Already Meagre Income on How to Make a Million as a Freelance Writer.

Is it me?

It’s not just you. I confess to having read more than a few ‘how to’ books in my time, but I do have one standard - I only read ones by working pro authors (Block, King, Lamott, the late Jack Bickham, etc.) which tend to be more anecdotal than “this is how you must do things”.

The didactic books written by people whose published material is few-to-none do my head in.

This site has a lot of merit. … job-sites/





I like the operating and payment policy of this site:


This site is especially good for newbies:

It pays rather low, but it does pay, without snatching away copyright and sucking one into weird deals.

And you get feedback from it. They also post writing opportunities; I just sold a story through one of their leads.