Weird compile problem to RTF with a compile time paragraph/character style setting not being applied to "Emphasis" styled text

(This is on Win version

I have weird problem with a RTF compile format:

  • I have a paragraph and character style “Chat: C” in my editor with font size 12pt which includes all formatting and font family and size.
  • I have a character style “Emphasis” which doses not include font size or family (and sets italics).
  • In my compile format I change the style “Chat: C” to 11pt (with “Include font size/family” activated).

That does work …

  • with the exception of “Emphasis” styled text which does not change from 12pt to 11pt.

That way I have larger emphasized text than the surrounding text. Is this a bug?

Or if this is working as expected - what do I miss???

Realizing there’s a difference between Editor Styles and Compile Styles, the definition of the Compile Style “Emphasis” is probably wrong.

You can also remove the Emphasis Editor Style and make the text bold in de Editor using the Toolbar button in the Format Toolbar. Then you shouldn’t have to mirror the Emphasis Style in the Compile Styles.

Hope this Helps

Thank you!

When I’m just using bold or italic it has the same effect: When used on an paragraph/font style that is 12 Pt in editor but changed to 11 Pt during compilation, the bold or italic text stays at 12 Pt.

I don’t understand that either. Maybe really a bug?

I don’t have a compile style “Emphasis”, only an editor style – but that should not interfere with the font size during compile as it is defined without font size or family.

The only thing I can think of is to have the same font size in the editor and in compilation - but I have a quite complicated layout of a long book and won’t change the font size of lots of paragraph styles before (hopefully) knowing what’s happening here … ? :slight_smile: