Weird error - Can't Compile mobi

I’m trying to compile a mobi file, and it won’t work. The error message doesn’t help at all. I’m able to compile other file types. Has anyone seen this error message before?

kindle error.JPG

It’s an error generated by KindleGen that isn’t being passed completely to Scrivener to display. We’ve fixed this in the next version so the errors should display in full when they occur, but for now the easiest way to see exactly what KindleGen is choking on is to compile to EPUB from Scrivener and then use Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to open the EPUB file. It will automatically be converted to the .mobi format using KindleGen (exactly the process that happens when compiling to .mobi from Scrivener) and you will have the option of displaying any errors or warnings that occur.

Thank you!