Weird formatting appears when I import from Word

I’ve imported 9 chapters of my book from Word into Scrivener successfully, retaining the outline mode of the original. But when I import the appendix, some strange formatting appears. It doesn’t show up in the excerpt I’ve copied below, but the second line, starting with “31” and ending with "Ulm,"it’s all blue and underlined. This is true of all the lines that have footnotes attached, including the title and introductory first paragraph. The footnotes are also blue and underlined. This does not appear in the Word doc. In the imported main text, only the footnoted word is blue and underlined (with a few exceptions).

I’m using Mojave, Word for Mac 16.16.7, and Scrivener 3.1.2.

1372 Swabian knights formed alliance against growing power of cities.
1372 31 allied Swabian cities defeated in war against Counts of Württemberg; Heinrich Besserer killed commanding troops from Ulm.[1]
1372 Feud between Swabian cities and Bavaria ended in draw.

[1] . Westermann, “Besserer,” 25

Where do the footnotes themselves appear? In the Inspector, or somewhere else?

Could you post a screenshot?