Weird Indention Issue

I recently started using Scrivener, and transferred all of my active writing projects over to it from MS Word.

For some reason, though, at random intervals in each chapter, it doubles the indentation in a hand full of paragraphs.

Any ideas as to why?

(It did occurs to me that the text was transferred from Google Docs to Word THEN to Scrivener. Further, while I was writing it, sometimes it would auto-indent and others I would have to add them with Tab. Is it possible that this may be why some are doubled up?)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thorn M.


I found the Ruler function in the Format pull-down, and that answered my question. It was that I had manually entered the indentations in the original file.

So never mind! And thank you anyway!

Thorn M

Welcome to the Forum and to Scrivener from a fellow ‘Scriverati’! :laughing:

I simply love when people answer their own questions before anyone has had a chance to react. That means that you will probably work out fairly quick how Scrivener works and all the nice things you can do with it. :slight_smile: