Weird Line Breaks - don't know how to correct


I’m new to Scrivner and tried searching the form but either didn’t find my problem or didn’t realize I was reading about my problem.

I copy and pasted an existing manuscript into Scrivner. It was originally in Pages. I’m going through it now and see line breaks after the majority of paragraphs but then occasionally no line breaks afterward. I looked at the invisibles and found that I have a Pilcrow at the end of each paragraph that has the lines. My goal is to not have these and just have standard spacing the whole way through the document. I don’t care if it’s with or without the line space unless it matters when I get to compiling.

I’m attaching a screenshot of some lines with and without the pilcrow. I tried just hitting delete with them and bringing next line up then hitting enter to put it back in the proper space but it isn’t working out. I’m sure this is user error.

PS: Please ignore the text. It’s really early in the drafting process :smiley:

If I’ve understood correctly what you want to do select all the relevant text (⌘+A) and then Edit > Text Tidying > Remove Empty Lines Between Paragraphs.


The problem is that you have line breaks (the blue arrows) mixed in with the paragraph breaks (the pilcrows).

In Scrivener (like Word) a paragraph can have blank space before and after it — but if you use the line break it ignores that space which is why your text has different line spacing. Line breaks aren’t usually needed in standard text.

You can solve this easily enough:

  1. do a search and replace on line-breaks (copy one and paste it into the search box) and replace it with something not in the text (I usually use @@ or something similar).
  2. do another search on @@ and replace it with a pilcrow (again, just copy one into the replace box.

Don’t forget to test it on a duplicate document first…


Thank you both! The text tiding from Stephen didn’t work but the replacing linebreaks from Brookster did work. I appreciate both of you!

You’re very welcome. I’m glad it helped.