Weird One: Certain Keys Aren't Working

Only in Scrivener, certain keys aren’t working. So far, I have found Backspace, Delete, and CTRL. Really, the way I write, these are the only keys I truly need.

Is there some sort of lock on I don’t know about?

Each of these are working fine on programs other than Scrivener.



It’s possible to switch keyboard layouts and languages per program, so you could check on that (usually displayed in the Windows task bar if you have multiple enabled), but I’d think you’d notice that more on alphabet keys than modifiers. There could be conflicts with modifier keys and specific shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl+C as a shortcut might not be working because some other program (or some other operation within Scrivener) is capturing it.

What are you doing that isn’t working correctly in Scrivener–I mean, are you trying to paste text from another source into the editor, or use specific shortcuts from Scrivener’s menu…? I can’t remember seeing this sort of issue before, so more specifics about exactly what you’re doing (and where in the program you’re doing it) might suggest something.

There’s also the classic Windows solution: reboot and reinstall. :slight_smile: Humour aside, that really does fix a lot of strange issues, so if you haven’t restarted the computer in a while, I would give that a try.