Weird problem with wrap text

I usually like to work in Scrivener with the page zoom set to 150%. Page view is turned off. Sometimes, the text will wrap within my document regardless of the spacing of the binder or the inspector. But other times, the text won’t wrap and it will go off-screen. Take a look at this screenshot:

Notice how the scrollbar on the bottom of the screen has all that space on it? The binder and inspector have been reduced to the most minimum width they can be taken to and yet there’s all this additional scroll space.

Now view this screenshot after I switched on page view and then switched it off:

No scrollbar at the bottom. Switching to and from page view seems to fix the problem, but is there a way to fix it so the problem doesn’t happen for a future release?

From the appearance of the toolbar and Format Bar, it looks like you’re using Yosemite? If so, and particularly with a Retina display, you may now and then see a bug like this, where it is as though the text editor somehow grows wider than the window it is in. This is an older bug with OS X that disappeared in 10.9, but unfortunately it is back in 10.10. You may see it happen in the Document/Project Notes field as well.

As you note, it is relatively easy enough to reset the UI when it happens. Using a Layout can also fix it, in my experience. We don’t have any prognosis on the bug itself—it’s in the system text engine itself, as best as we can tell. Sorry for that.

Thanks for that. Although it’s not relevant to me any more, I should also note that the bug did happen in 10.9 as well.