Welcome aboard, Jennifer!

Hello all,

Many of you will have noticed forum member MimeticMouton giving some amazing and detailed help and support around these parts over the past year or so, both on the Windows and Mac forums. (When we first saw her posting some of us thought it was Ioa posting under another name, which is high praise indeed. :slight_smile: )

It is with great pleasure then that I can announce that MM - real name Jennifer Hughes - will be coming on board as a part-time team member for the next few months, to help out with support during the Windows release and hopefully, if the Windows version takes off, beyond. She’ll be helping out with Mac support as well - we’ll all be mucking in where we’re needed as usual - but she will especially be helping Lee and Windows users out as we move towards the Windows release.

I know some eagle-eyed users have already noticed Jennifer get moderator status so this probably comes as no surprise, but today she starts freelancing for us officially.

So, many thanks for all the amazing support you’ve given so far Jennifer, and welcome aboard!

All the best,

Congratulations MM (Jennifer)! I will take full responsibility for your new status, since a couple of months ago I’m pretty sure I said something to the effect of “If MimeticMouton is not working for you s/he should be!” in one of these forums.

So: Yay! You have definitely earned the accolades (and the responsibility).

Mouton, that is just great. And I have really liked that (full) name, ever since arriving in these parts, not from la bonne France, alas :wink:

I think however you regard it, you’ve long been a member of the team.

Regards with congratulations,


(Heh, did you have the experience in school where there were at least 2-3 Jennifers in your class, so everyone went by some variant of their name? And then nobody responds to Jennifer?)

Chérie Jennifer, mon amour, welcome to the Scriv passion wagon.
Kiss kiss!!
Adieu x x
Le D

Welcome aboard, Jennifer.

Please don’t beat me for asking: Does your name mean, you’re female?

Just asking because there once was a pretty girl (ok, “pretty” was just my imagination) named Amber who turned out to be a guy from Portland :slight_smile:


Oh, I’m sure Ioa is still “pretty” to some people. :wink:

Happy news, Jennifer! I’ve noted your thoroughly illuminating and prompt postings for pretty much as long as I’ve been here. Being paid for your efforts is a well deserved promotion.

Great news, Jennifer. But please would you satisfy my curiosity - where does your username come from and what does it signify?

Congrats MM! It’s great to have you on board!

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Thanks everyone for the welcome (and of course Keith for bringing me aboard ship)! As you all know, I love procrastinating on writing by hanging out over here, so this is pretty much the dream job. (Thanks, bargonzo, for snagging it for me. ;))

Garpu - Funny, I was just explaining to Keith about the need for fictitious names when you’re just “one of the Jennifers”…

Hugh - If I recall correctly, I think half the name came out of reading Northrop Frye’s The Educated Imagination and having recently relived my thesis project in the form of Script Frenzy; the other half is because I like sheep for a lot of reasons (“they tip over!”) and because it rolled trippingly off the tongue with “mimetic” and possibly because I was wearing a sweater that one night in a London bus station after forty-eight hours without sleep got me dubbed “a big fuzzy mouton”.

Wock - I always make sure to match the color of the couch, yep.

Huzzah for Jennifer! Congrats :slight_smile:

Wish I had something smart and clever to say, but I’m afraid that “Congratulations!” is all that I got.

Ditto …

Just read this thread today. Congrats. I’m not surprised as I have come across your posts.

Yes indeed. Apart from the comma.

This one:

Welcome aboard, Jennifer!

Just saying, innit. Or maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the doings. Wossname. Stick.

michaelbywater: “Yes indeed. Apart from the comma.”


Don’t be, Herr Schweinkotflügel. Filthy innuendoes are Mr Bywater’s forté. Rumour has it, he was a lovely man, before he became involved with Scrivener and its crew. As the man said, “So it goes”.
Take care Herr Schweinkotflügel.

It was an imperative, were’n’ it?

No. You can’t fool us by revising the Subject: line.

And how come everyone else’s quotes are bggered but yours aren’t, Kevin?

EDIT: P.S. @fluff: now come on. It’s not PRECISELY ‘pedantry’, is it? Can we try to use the word accurately here?

I appear to be in an odd mood. Perhaps I’ll go to see the, the, what’s the woman who tells you to calm down and gives you an injection? Her.