Welcome aboard to our new team member - Ioa

Hello all,

As most forum regulars know, Ioa Petra’ka - whose handle on this forum is AmberV, even though he recently came out as a man :slight_smile: - has long been giving detailed user support on these forums, spending time every day helping out users, often answering questions before I get to them, and often, too, answering them better than me. What most of you won’t realise is just how much he has helped in other areas away from the forums: for instance, he designed the Scrivener 1.x icon, has alpha-tested most Scrivener builds, and has helped me refine features by bouncing ideas around with me (the way Edit Scrivenings, the corkboard and outliner will be integrated in 2.0, for instance, was devised by my running ideas past Ioa with him pointing out UI snags and offering improvements - he has a very good eye for UI and how things work). He has always maintained the FAQ, moderated the forum and wiki areas, too.

It is with great pleasure, then, that I am able to announce that Ioa is now officially part of Team Literature & Latte. Ioa recently went freelance and while he will be pursuing other projects, too, he will now be doing a lot of work for us in an official capacity. He is currently working on the documentation for 2.0, updating the website for the same, and will be giving ongoing support among other things. We’ve even added his (child) mug to our About page:


This probably is no big surprise to anybody - I’ve been intending to employ Ioa for a couple of years now to lessen the guilt I feel for all the time he has given to us for free, and his coming on board on a freelance basis is, I hope, only the start of Ioa’s official future with L&L.

So: Welcome aboard Ioa!

All the best,

P.S. Visitors to the About page will notice another mysterious crew member too - my missus, who has long helped us out behind the scenes and owns half the bloomin’ company. It was 'er indoors that organised our NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy sponsorships, for instance.

P.P.S. Astute readers will note that my avatar has changed. Given that Ioa and David both now have evil sci-fi robots as part of their avatars, I thought I would have a pleasant drone for mine. Extra points go to those who recognise the film.

This is excellent news!

Great news! Ioa is an (inter)national treasure.

My thanks and best wishes to all the L&L team.

Silent Running - it’s Huey, isn’t it? Loved that movie!


EDIT: oops no, it’s Dewey?

Excellent hire!

We have a winner! Although actually you were right first time as it’s Huey, although you’d be forgiven for thinking it is Dewey given that I changed the blue to white to match the Scriv logo. The moment Louie (or however you spell it) got sucked out into space was up there with Datrick’s death in Doctor Who in terms of TV-traumas-of-my-childhood.

All the best,


blinks at sidebar Why is BBCode off?

I’d offer my congratulations to Ioa, but it is really us users who are the lucky ones. Great move, Keith!


Yeah, I agree with Steve, this really sounds like a win-win-win situation. Congratulations and thanks to you both!

Thanks everyone! Needless to say I’m pretty excited. I’ve loved helping out on the forums here and in other ways for years now, and it’s always been frustrating when I have to put all of that aside to keep myself fed. Being able to put “food” and “Scrivener” in the same category is nothing short of ideal, and it also means I can put more energy into some things that I’ve been wanting to do (or finish) for years now and just haven’t been able to muster the time. Fleshing out the wiki, writing articles on how to use Scrivener, and finishing that blasted comprehensive MultiMarkdown tutorial are just a few of the things I look forward to getting tackled in addition to everything else. My main goal is to keep everyone busy and writing!


We appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Keep up the amazing work man! :slight_smile:

Thanks shrumpkin! Will do. :slight_smile:


Dis ship’s crew keeps expanding and now we find out they are all evil robots bent on taking over the whole world by controlling the means on how we write!

Congrats AmberV

I have noticed that with the addition of AmberV to the Scrivener crew the count is now 3

Hmmm another +3 running amuck aboard this ship… Makes one wonder if in 2.0 there will be references to IDOL evil robots in the Easter Eggs (H.A.L.)


This is awesome news. And I must say the crew leading this ship is top notch. Very impressive and I look forward to future builds.

Grats AmberV

Ive just come across this thread, and I have to say, that, as far as Im concerned, I ve always considered Kevin to be Scrivs Captain, and AmberV/Ioa (guy or gal), to be Scriv`s First Mate. I may be a, ‘know nothing’, but I do know a wise move when I see one, and this is a very wise move Capt. Kev, and a just one too!

Steady as she goes Mr. Mate…steady as she goes.

Keith, your avatar also looks like W1K1 from Jason of Star Command.


W1K1 first appears at the one minute mark. James Doohan first appears around 4:30, but you’ll want to avoid that bit. It’s best to remember him as he was.

Oh! I have very vague memories of that tiny 'bot from my childhood!

It is wonderful to see how Scrivener and it’s team has grown. I wish you all the pleasure that comes from ambitious work well done. I sincerely appreciate the fidelity with which you continue to craft Scrivener. I look forward to purchasing and using the upgrade to V 2.0