Well ... I guess ... now it happened.

The first to call me an author was my agent - some time ago. But today I signed my first book contract with a publishing house - the one i had hoped for. and it says “author”. I guess, that’s it. still can’t believe it …

thank you keith for writing the app that I call home. Without Scrivener it would have been so much harder to finish the book - every time i start your wonderful program, i have to smile and actually look forward to writing. if you ever need someone to praise Scrivener in the german market - i’ll be there.

all the best for you all


You can’t argue with a contract :wink:


Do you mind if I ask about the book itself?

Congratulations and Felicidades!

You are now, and forever, Author.


no. Don’t mind at all. It’s a classic thriller … Fast. Breathless. At least that’s what i expect the marketing text to say …

A tour de force, mind you!



Where are you located?
How long did it take you?
What steps did you take?
What was the hardest part to do?
What part took the longest time to accomplish?
Did you share your story with communities like this one?
Yes I’m a newbie LOL… but I’m so sincere :mrgreen:

Congratulations! That’s brilliant news!
All the best,

Hi idrisamorris,

sorry for taking so long to answer your questions, but I was on vacation and my computer crashed. Everything scrivener was backuped though. Just a reminder not to get lazy with backups, it can happen to anyone…

so here you go:

hope that answers everything. all the best to you.

and keith: ty, too for your congrats.



Never argue with a contract! Congratulations!

Joely xx