Well I think it's just lovely

The software is working for me fine. I’m almost gutted that I haven’t found a major bug to report, I feel like I’m failing you! But it really is lovely. I’m running Vista on a Compaq Presario CQ50. I update regularly. I have no typing lag. There are a few little issues which I have alreadys seen covered in the bug reports, so I know they’ll be sorted and honestly, they don’t affect the business of actually writing at all.

I will be buying when it’s released. And I don’t even think I care about paying full price if I don’t finish NaNo. It seems worth it to me. That whole split screen and choose vertical or horizontal is wicked. Labelling and status stamping is great. It just… works.

I’m using it at the moment to do a draft of a uni assignment. So easy having research next to the white space.

Anyway… off to play again! x

It’s surprisingly stable for a beta. And, yeah, I’m wondering where this program was, when I was working on my degrees…it would’ve been so useful.

Thank you Milliebert! Glad that the beta is working fine for you. Don’t feel too despondent about not discovering any bugs. :slight_smile: Hope that you continue to enjoy playtime, and thanks for testing out our beta release.

All the best,