What about a Windows app ?

Hello everyone and Scrivener’s team,

First, sorry for my language, I’m not English.

This topic is about either we’re going to see, one day, a Scrivener app for Windows 10 or not. I know you’ve worked for a long time on iOS app and that was a serious challenge, but a windows app would serve exactly the sames purposes as the iOS one : explore and navigate through our files, some basic writing tools, flexibility, and mobility. As you said it in another thread : simply something that we could take with us one week without laptop.
With the rise of Surface pro, Surface book, and all the Windows 10 / 8.1 hybrids and 2 in 1 devices, I think there is a strong potential market. Every user of Windows Scrivener’s version would probably buy this app for the exact same reasons Mac users would buy the iOS one.
Plus : you don’t have any comptetitors at all on the Windows store right now ( there’s Ulysse on iOs though ). You could easily take the lead in writing softwares, by far. I think that, either we want it or not, the future belongs to tablets or at least, hybrids devices, especially for creatives. Laptops and Desktops are becoming “trucks” like Tim Cook said it, meaning that in some years, they will be used only for specific tasks like intensive gaming or really complex softwares. That’s no more about what a computer can do that tablets can’t but more about redefining our needs. People don’t want anymore softwares with 5000 options hidden everywhere. Yes they agree to loose some of those features for something more simple, intuitive and with a user-friendly graphic interface. Something that they’ve been used to with iOS and smartphones.
Kids nowadays don’t even need a computer to play at video games : there are plenty of it, and good ones, on iOS and Android. So yes, computers will still be used, but by a minority, by some pros or gamers. One computer per house will be widely enough for some basic operations that tablets can’t do.

All this to say that working on an iOS app is a good ( essential ) thing because this is probably the future. Writers / novelits… using iPhone or Ipad are searching first for a softawre that is both available on OSX and iOS. You got a point there over your competitors. And you could take some big points too by working on a Windows 10 app, where there is absoletuly no good writing tools at the moment.

Well, please keep in mind that it’s just my opinion and my point of view.

Let me know what’s your view and your plans about this and thank you for reading !

A little OT, but did you remember to bring the Horn of Eld with you this time?

To be clear, Scrivener for Windows works on Windows 8 and 10, in traditional desktop mode.

I believe you are referring to the additional tiled mode introduced in Windows 8, initially referred to as Metro and now as Modern.

There’s a bit of discussion here (and possibly elsewhere if you search the forums on “metro”)…

Basically, appears would require a complete rewrite from scratch in a different programming language, for a different interface, for a very small market. At least that’s how things stood a year or two ago… Microsoft may have made some efforts to improve the process of porting to Metro/Modern since then.

Reasonable assumption for now is that Literature & Latte will complete iOS development, then consider undertaking Android development, as those are the big markets. And, as John Carmack of Id/Doom computer game fame used to say… it will be done when it is done.