What? Can't Italicize.

I just found I can’t italicize anything in Scrivener, and in going through the menu, the option to italicize is greyed out, though I can change a font to bold or underline. Am puzzled. Don’t know how this could happen. And I’m pretty sure it was once OK (tho I’m still new to both Scrivener and the Mac OS).

I suspect maybe an interaction with some other program in my system, but can’t guess what that might be.

Am using Leopard, along with TextExpander (which seems to work OK) and Keyboard Maestro (which has worked fine in the past) and Clipmenu, a clipboard extender. Lots of possible culprits here, I guess, but I’m at a loss to figure what.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to tip me out of this dilemma.


Just discovered my problem–not being able to italicize–is limited to one specific text document within a folder (the one I’m working on, of course!).

Opened other Scrivener files, and other text documents in other folders in the same file, and find Italicize is not greyed out there.

(I also find the Devil plays tricks on me whenever I’m on the verge of writing something really good. So we have one more possible culprit to consider. One more problem here is that I really don’t believe in the Devil, but sometimes I wonder.)

Try changing the font. Not all fonts support italics (e.g. Monaco doesn’t).

Is it possible you have been hanging out with Vic-k?

He appears to foster demonic possession of computer peripherals so it would make sense that reading his postings could leave you open to risk.

Ah, that was it. Lucida grande does not support italics.

Thank you. I never would have guessed.

Amazing how clever that Devil fellow is. He no doubt knew that, and knew I’d never guess, either.

And to the other poster, No, I have’nt been hanging out with Vic-k. Though it’s possible we’ve both been equally targeted. For some sinster reason, no doubt.

Some might suggest that vic-k can’t be targeted as he himself is the devil. Some might…

Personally, I might be part of the the some. Or not. :wink:

Look for some of vic-K’s postings and I think you will understand.

Aye, just look for the little drunken three legged Taco Bell Dog with the Pirates Hat.

Beware though he is an ankle biter. :slight_smile:


PS: Welcome to the Scrivener community! Here it is light hearted and some fun in jest but as you can see we can also at times help each other out.

Watch out for that Jaysen character. I hear he moved north. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I can never figure out, mt, is, why is it, that the quiet and unassuming souls, like myself, always seem to attract the attention and consequent ministrations of lifes : miscreants; ner-do-`ells; dead beats; no hopers; the socially, intellectually, philosophically inept, and the culturally unsophisticated and boorish? :confused:
Take care mt

Anyone care to get on in a pool for how long it takes MT to figure vic-k’s alter ego is less innocent than first appears? I think we may need boxes for past time though.