What do I do while my MB is away for repairs?

I’ve got to take my MB 2017 in for a week or two to get the keyboard/motherboard replaced again - the 3d time -

I cant afford to shut down my work - and buying a another MacBook as a backup seems insane -

Would it work if I bought a cheap Windows machine - download and use Scrivener for the week or two - and then switch back when the MacBook returns? Or is there a better way?


If it were me, I’d use iOS Scrivener.

But then, I already use iOS Scrivener pretty heavily.


I tried it last year on an iPad - couldn’t work without the mouse. And the filing system, and the Clippings function.

Luckily, five minutes ago my brother heard of my plight and is sending me his new MBA. He’s switching to Windows.

Thanks Katherine, I have always enjoyed your contributions