What do the binder icons mean?

When I choose a new blank project template, there are two types of icons next to a blank text file. If I add new text, a third type of icon appears. What are they supposed to indicate? There doesn’t seem to be a difference between the three types of text icons. I can’t find this answer anywhere.

The Binder icons are discussed in Chapter 6 of the manual. Choices are:

  • A folder
  • A folder with an index card = a folder with synopsis text
  • A folder with a document sheet = a folder with body text
  • A stack of pages = a document with subdocuments
  • A blank page = an empty document
  • An index card = a document with a synopsis
  • A page with writing = a document with body text
  • A page with the corner folded over = a document with a snapshot.

The Research folder can also have a number of other icons for various types of non-text files.

It’s also possible to create your own custom icons, and some of the templates use custom icons for things like character sheets.


Okay, I may have answered my own question that I posted here a moment ago, but can you tell me which icon stands for the “draft” folder, the one that you have to use for compiling? Is there a graphic anywhere (it’s not in the manual.) It sounds like if I want to use the “compile” feature that my text has to be in the “draft” folder.

The default icon for the Draft folder is a “fan” of pages, and it’s located at the very top of the Binder. (Note that all new projects include the “Draft,” “Research” and “Trash” folders. You can move and rename these, but you can’t delete them.)

Yes, text needs to be in the Draft folder for Compile to see it.