What does Complete current title do ?

I’m making my own shortcuts, it also helps me to find new features of Scrivener.
This one I do not know what it does : Complete current title (Ctrl+G, Ctrl+M). It is not in manual, and google does return nothing about it.
Any clue ?

This is just another form of auto-completion, but it uses the binder item title list as its source. So if you have a folder somewhere in your project called “Insomnia”, and type in “Ins” into the text editor, hitting that shortcut would suggest “Insomnia” as well as any other items starting with “Ins”.

Nice, just tried and it works, thank you ! :smiley:

Edit :
Well, in fact, it only works with the current title, not all titles in the binder. If I understand well it is not “as intended” ?
(tested on and
(was not bug hunting, just playing :wink:)

Yes, that is a bug. :slight_smile: