What does the colour of binder icons mean?

Some of my binder icons for folders are coloured, and others, those that have snapshots, are white.


I can’t see any white folder icons in the manual. What does the colour difference mean? Or is it a bug?


There are no white folder icons in this list either, only coloured ones.

Folders are blue ; documents are white.

→ Page 88 of the Windows manual. Section 7.1


Perhaps they should be. But they’re not. See the snapshot above.

I don’t know. I had to zoom in like crazy to see it.
But I have no idea what this is.

This, perhaps ? :

If this is switched on and your label is white…

[EDIT] I just tried, they turn paler, but not quite white.

Have you tried restarting the software ?
Perhaps a computer reboot.

→ Try resetting the icons :
Right click,

But to answer your initial question, I don’t think it means anything. (Other than: “You broke the app” :wink: )

Very good, that does make a difference. The label colour for all these folders is white, and when that option is deselected, all the folders turn blue.

So the bug appears to be this:
When ‘Use Label Color in Icons’ is selected,
and the label colour is white,
then the colour is used in binder icons for folders with snapshots,
but not in folders without snapshots.

Presumably the colour should be used consistently in all folder icons.



The folder needs to have a snapshot and some documents in it.

Both these folders in my screenshot have a snapshot.

[EDIT] The snapshot has nothing to do with it. It is actually whether the folder contains documents or not. It would seem.

No snapshot:


I suppose that all your folders in your screenshot have content, but the white ones have a white label… and the blue ones no label at all. (?)

So yes, the label’s color is only visible in the folder icon when the folder has child.

Yes, all the folders in that screenshot have content ( as indicated by the chevrons to the left of them).
As far as I can see, the only difference between the two cases is the snapshots (as indicated, correctly, by the turned-up corners on the icons).

And they all have the same label, which is coloured white. If I change the colour to anything else, then the problem disappears - the new colour is correctly applied.

You should try doing as I just did in my last two small screenshots above.
With new blank folders, no body text, no snapshot.

→ I seems that having a snapshot is not necessary if the folder has body text itself.
So we are both right.

I just tried both ways:
Folder with body text, no snapshot → white icon.
Folder with no body text but a snapshot → white icon.
Whether the folder parents or not doesn’t matter after all.

I need to get back to work. That’s enough from me. :slight_smile:

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It’s weird:

If the folder has a snapshot, it doesn’t need to contain sub-documents to turn white.

If it has no snapshot but body text, It needs to parent another document to turn white.

…and if it has neither it remains blue, parent or not.