What espresso machine do you use, bro?

I drink drip coffee, the closer to a Mr. Coffee full of Hills Bros I can get, the better I like it.
My spouse much prefers a latte, especially if the foam is “velvety”.
She wants to buy a machine.
Any suggestions? Comments?

I like my coffee Irish, which is why I respond to some of the stupidest posts on the face of the earth in this forum. :smiley: I pour my first glass at 0500, and my last at midnight, when I start all over again.

At work I use a vintage single head Astoria Divina espresso machine - used in a UK Italian restaurant for a decade and then completely refurbished. Solid brass tank, plumbed into the mains, and providing superb coffee every day as well as an objet d’art for clients and other visitors to coo over.
In the house I have a De’Longhi Scultura ECZ351BK which cost far less (around £100) and makes coffee that is just as good.