What happened to my colors?

Prior to upgrading to 1.03 the document/tree view on the left would present colored icons depending on the label set for the document. This was a very neat organizational trick that is one of the primary reasons for switching to Scrivener. No sooner had I done so, but this feature seems to be gone.


Prior to 1.03, this was a preference saved centrally on your system, and not attached to the project itself. The preference (along with many others in fact) have been moved into the project itself (allowing it to transfer between computers). You might notice a few other settings here and there that have gone back to default. Rest assured, this situation should not happen again any time soon.

The way to turn it back on is in the View menu, Tint Icons with Label Colour.

Awesome! I looked anbd looked… I guess I looked and overlooked…

Thanks much.