What happened to the keyboard shortcut keys?

Edited to add that I got it sorted out, finally. Ya know, I just want software to work. Especially software that I’ve been using for many, many years. I don’t want to friggy-dig around with sorting out keyboard issues. I just want it to w-o-r-k.

My keyboard is useless but for typing text. What in god’s name did you do with the keyboard shortcuts, you know, the old standbys like left, right, center, and on and on. I can’t even call up the Options panel but by using the mouse to pick it out at the bottom of the File menu. When I go to Options/General there isn’t even mention of any of the proper key functions - you know, like F11, for example.

You just turned a great program into something utterly useless, in my opinion, of course.

We have introduced new shortcut themes. If you have switched to the new shortcut theme(via the new shortcut theme selection dialog upon new Beta installation), you can revert to the legacy shortcut theme via: File > Options > Keyboard > Import > Scrivener for Windows v1.

How do I make a custom shortcut in iOS? I’m trying to make a shortcut to a specific font using System > keyboard, but that didn’t work.

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