What happened to Writing Tools>Look up in dictionary and thesaurus?

Reading through past posts, it appears people thought there was no built-in dictionary and thesaurus. They must have been imagining something different, because I could always right-click writing tools and then get to a very comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus.Now when I do that, I get to wicktionary/wikipedia, which is extremely lame. No thesaurus. Yet, it still SAYS dictionary and thesaurus.

I loved getting lost in the thesaurus–you could click a word IN the thesaurus and go to ITS dictionary entry and thesaurus. That was my idea of a good time.

Is there something I can do to re-install that feature from Scriv2? Thanks so much!!

There’s a Mac-wide built-in dictionary/thesaurus/wikipedia/etc… tool that Scrivener accesses. When I use the menu, it brings that app window up. Just under the title bar is a set of tabs/buttons that include “All”, “Dictionary” “Thesaurus”, as well as “Apple” and “Wikipedia”.

If you don’t see Thesaurus among them, then you need to adjust the Dictionary app’s Preferences to include the appropriate thesaurus source(s), such as the “Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus (American English)” that I’m using.

Yeah!! There it is! Thanks. At first I had a hard time figuring out where those preferences would be. Then it was obvious. Thanks again.