What happens in January 2016?

What will happen in January 2016?

Will the license be extended? New Version? SOL?

Thanks. I love the program. It’s awesome!

An excellent question.

We get a new update with a much longer expiration date? :wink:

Or it’s the worst new year ever for people with deadlines to meet? :open_mouth:

Here’s what’s happened every other time:

  • A new beta has been released with an incredibly generous expiry date.

What that beta has looked like in the past has depended on how the Windows version progressed in-between Linux iterations. So, if there’s an update to the Windows version between now and January you might expect some of those features to be included in the refresh. If there isn’t an update to Windows, then most likely the beta will just get another generous deadline shift.

Of course, there’s always a chance that LitNLat will decide you’re all more trouble than you’re worth, and therefore decide to stop giving you access to software for free. :smiley: :wink: My guess is that they’d have done that before now if they were going to, though.

I guess, if you’re not comfortable using unsupported unofficial software that’s in beta stage, you shouldn’t be using Scrivener for Linux. Still, the worst case scenario as far as I can tell, is that you buy a Windows license and run it under WINE?

Thanks for the reply, people.

Yes, I found Scrivener and fell in love with it about 5 months ago. Thanks for sharing yall’s previous experience.

It is incredibly generous and I’m thankful for that!

And yeah, I think Scrivener under WINE would be the next option.


Actually I own two Scrivener licenses (Mac & Windows) The Mac license runs on Apple abandonware; and L&L no longer posts bug fixes or updates for that version. As for the Windows version, Microsoft is forcing a mass migration of their user base into a moonscape where many are loathe to go. 'Nuff said.

I’ve run the Windows version under Wine on several iterations of Debian linux (Ubuntu, CrunchBang, SolydXK, Mint, etc) and in reality, Wine sort of, kind of, mostly does work, but is not really (at least in my experience) a satisfactory substitute.

In short, the Linux beta runs far cleaner, faster, more typographically sharper, and better on Linux; and the Windows version runs totally clean and fast on Windows … as intended.

Wine is still a work in progress, mostly focused on game enthusiasts (with an exception made for MS Office essentials) and is not a panacea for Linux users needing a substitute platform for Windows apps. Others may disagree, and your experience may vary. Just my $.02 worth.

I’m not sure what you mean by this? All my license get updates other than the ones were L&L has said “no more support”. I think that is for systems that can’t run the 64b OS.

They do what they’ve done for the last 4 years or so: release another one.

It has been implied by the powers that be that there will be a new Linux release as usual: literatureandlatte.com/forum/vi … 15#p203327

Thanks pigfender for telling us about it.

Great news!

The problem I am having with this situation is security. I find the Linux package as is perfectly satisfactory. Being a long term Linux user I don’t need support or handholding or even the assurance of any new releases. If I have a package with no time expiry, I’ll always find a way to make it work in a new version of Linux.

What I do need however is to know for sure that I can carry on using the software I have. Because realise what it means, you change and adjust your workflow and working habits around a tool like this.

I am happy to pay the full fee for the package exactly as is, and without support, just with no time restrictions on it. I think most of us would. What is not fair is to expect people to use it in a serious way but with no security of it not expiring on a certain date.

Why not do something like this - accept payment, and make it perfectly clear that this is a fee for participation in a beta program with no guarantees or support, but that the beta versions don’t expire?

I don’t care about feature parity, but this is becoming a seriously important package for me, and its now October, and I have no certainty of being able to use it after Feb next year. This really means starting getting ready with an alternative package next month, just in case.

Its time to charge and to take off the expiry date. Yes, L&L will be supplying Linux users with less than the Windows and Mac people have, but if that is fine with us, it should be fine with L&L.