What I hope to see

I was under the impression that Windows 3 would bring the Mac and Win versions more or less to par with each other. I hope that’s so. When you duplicate a file and want to move it somewhere besides trash, the Mac version saves the last location and asks if you want to repeat that move the next time you click move. I often am compiling 3-6 poems for submission to journals and want to move to a “Subs” folder that has a LONG list of journals, often with dated subfolders. There is a also a very long file list of poems that I am moving FROM. Right now in Win it seems that each time you have to click Move, then Master then scroll through the high-level folders (about a dozen in my case) to the Sub folder, then scroll through all those journals to the journal and subfolder that I want. Since it’s not that stable, the file often gets dropped who knows where. The only alternative I can see is multi-selecting the files I want but that would involve first creating 5 or so dupes, then somehow finding them all again in my alphabetically arranged list. So I hope the move-to options available on Mac will be available in Win3.

If someone has a workaround in the meantime, please LMK.

Also, I would love the ability to save preferences–in Mac I have a novel setup (colors, fonts, etc), a nonfiction one, a poetry one, a short stories version, etc. Is there a way I’m missing similar to save as preset and manage preferences that’s avail in Windows?

I love Scriv and the price is reasonable. I’d pay more for the program --pretty much anything you wanted to charge under $250. It would also be great if each project remembered its own preferences so I didn’t have to go back and recall it from the presets whenever I switched projects, which can happen multiple times per day.

Thanks for listening.

If you go into the Windows Beta forum, you will be able to download the current Windows 3.x release candidate ( as of this writing) and, using a copy of one of your projects, test it yourself to see if the functionality you want already exists. If not, then you can open up a new topic in the Windows Beta forum and describe what you were hoping to see – the developers regularly interact in that forum.

Good luck and cheers!

Thanks. I’ll try to get to it. It sounds confusing to me running different copies of everything at the same time. I can barely get used to what’s on my drive now with all the version names. But maybe next week it won’t sound so daunting. I would think the devs would look at this forum as well, since that’s what it’s for. ?? Anyhow, I need to get to the writing, this whole migration process has been very consuming.