What if I reformat my computer?

I am planning to buy Scrivener with my Nano winner code, but if I get the cd it’s another 12 dollars. What happens if I reformat my computer, or want to put my Scrivener on my other PC? Do I have to buy the cd in order to be able to reinstall Scrivener? I’m not clear on how the download only works. I know I can save the installation exe to a disk, but that won’t be registered so I’d be losing my license. So the question is, do I have to pay the extra for the cd in order to not my license? Thanks!


Downloadable just means you can download from the website at any time and register you copy. You’ll be sent a serial number when you purchase, and from that point on that is all you need. Whenever you need to restore a machine you can just download it again and register it with the same number (so keep that safe). The CD is mainly going to be useful if download speeds are slow, or you are often without a connection. Then you have a safe offline way of fixing a computer.

Thanks for considering Scrivener, and congrats on the NaNo win!

I’d add that once you have Scrivener installed and registered, if you do need to reformat your computer, make sure you DEACTIVATE Scrivener beforehand