What is a scapbook?

Typo? Can’t find anything called “scapbook” in the manual.

itunes.apple.com/gb/app/scriven … 6187?mt=12

Conventionally, ring binder doesn’t have a hyphen.

en.oxforddictionaries.com/defin … ing_binder

Sigh, yes, a typo. We’re pretending it’s short for Scapple books in the meantime. :wink:

Don’t have Scapple, but did wonder about that (genuinely).

Or an American term, but couldn’t find anything in American dictionaries.

We’re all human.

Actually think scapbook sounds nicer than scrapbook. Something linked to foolscap paper.

Those screenshots were checked by two other people before they were uploaded, and of course everyone missed it. And of course it’s impossible to change screenshots on the App Store until you upload a new version, so we’re stuck with it until 3.0.1 (in progress).

Or maybe we should just brazen it out? What, you don’t know what a scapbook is? And you call yourself a writer? Pfft!

Didn’t know about the screenshot restrictions on the App Store. Not something I have had to do.

So easy to miss. The brain fools the eyes.

Didn’t mean to make a hoo-ha on the forum. Should, on reflection, have emailed support. Apologies.

Spelling and grammar change with time and creativity. Be brazen,