what is CTRL-G

i notice that this is frequently used immediately following another ctrl key combo and was wondering what it signifies.



Well, it’s sort of a “prefix”: you press Ctrl-G first, and then immediately press another key or key combination to get a specific result. In this way, key combos that might be in use for something else (such as Ctrl-C or Ctrl-P) can be put to new, Scrivener-specific uses when they are used following the Ctrl-G “prefix.” Likewise with a simple keypress, such as the Up or Down Arrow, which, when preceded by Ctrl-G, toggle superscript and subscript (a fact which I just now discovered by investigating Tools > Options > Keyboard, and filtering for Ctrl+G).

Yep, it’s just a way of extending keyboard shortcut functionality since Scrivener has a lot of menu items that can be given shortcuts, and there are limited modifying keys to choose from. “Ctrl+G” isn’t a shortcut for anything on its own, so it can be used as prefix for other shortcuts. Note though that you can change the keyboard shortcuts in Options, so if you have some commands with complex shortcuts that you use frequently and others with simple shortcuts you rarely need, you can easily swap them.

aha! thanks so much for the information peeps!

good to finally understand what i’ve been doing for all this time!


And thank you, Jin, for raising the question! As often happens, I found that answering a question led me to discover capabilities of Scrivener, large or small, of which I was not aware.