What Is My Actual Page Count?

I may have missed this if it was posted elsewhere, but I am a little confused when I check to see how many pages my book would be. There’s two different numbers, one listed as “printed” ( 282 ) and and the other as “paperback” ( 139 ).

I need to tell my cover artist how many pages the actual book is so he knows how to design the spine. Can someone tell me how many pages my book, in hand, would be? Im guessing 282 pages?

How big are the pages? What font? Single or double spaced?

The “printed” count is the number you’ll get if you send the manuscript to whatever your default printer is. The “paperback” count is based on the words per page estimate in the “Options” tab of the Project Statistics pane.

To get an accurate count for your designer, Compile the manuscript to PDF using whatever font, font size, line spacing. and page size you want for the finished book. Be sure to include all front matter.


Thanks, I’ll play around with that and see what I can figure out.