What is the best possible way to find different conversations throughout your project?

Hmmm, let’s see. What’s the best way to ask this. I’m in the final editing of a novel and would like to go back and add/edit very specific conversations between 2 characters. I think the best way would be to somehow change the color of the description, the text, in the binder that has any of the conversation. When I right click on the page text I’m given the option to select a label and there different colors available. When I select a color nothing happens except in the lower right corner the color I select pops up. Are tried going into the preferences to see if there were ways to change the color of the page text but didn’t see anything. What can I do. I highly suspect there is a way to set this up somehow.

edit: I would rather not change the icon if possible. That would be confusing.

much apprec.

Are you trying to find the conversations, or to highlight the relevant documents once you identify them?

To find, use the Project Search for the names of the two involved characters, then further refine the search either manually or by adding terms relevant to the conversation(s) of interest. (So if JOHN and MARTHA are talking about FRANK, search for all three names.)

Once you’ve identified the documents, you can assign a Label, then turn on the option (on the View menu) to show the Label color in the Binder.

To highlight specific text, you could either use the Highlight tool or assign a Style.

Yes! That was the key. View->View color label in Binder. thanks.

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