What is the best way to do a TO-Do list in Scrivener?

Looking for ideas for how to do this from other people who have made it work.

Open to any and all ideas. Thanks!

I posted some of my techniques earlier this year, in this thread. Note I start out by responding to the notion of using text lists as to-do lists, so there are some tips on how I do that, and then go on to explain how I use the Binder (and the outliner/corkboard views) itself as a to-do lists.

I didn’t go into another technique I use which is very simple, and good for those kinds of things you need to do that are intrinsically a part of the text itself. Keeping separate lists, as in the prior link, has its place, but if the purpose of the to-do is to mark a phrase you need to check your research on, it might be better to just put your to-do there in the text. That is where Comments and Inline Annotations come in really handy as they let you insert text that won’t ordinarily print, and also text that is easy to find using various tools, such as saved search collections that automatically gather all documents containing your standard “to-do” marker. Remove the marker when you’re done, and now that portion of your book will not show up in the search result list, making that collection a dynamic to-do list itself.