what is the deal?

I have been trying to interact with other authors and I get zero response.

So, what are the alternatives to Twitter and Facebook?

Try Reddit. They have many active subreddits for many kinds of writing.

How are you using Twitter and Facebook? Looking up specific authors, or trying to find local groups?

It depends on where you are, of course, but I’ve had good luck on both platforms by looking for local writing groups in my areas of interest.

It also depends on what you’re looking for. The public online critique group was killed by copyright concerns, but there are plenty of in person groups and plenty of on- and off-line venues to get together and talk shop.


Have you tried the forums at absolutewrite? More authors than you can shake a stick at.


I use hashtags and my focus is on horror authors. It seems you have to have at least 1000 followers in order to have anyone reply to your posts.

I have not tried this yet. Heading there now.

It might be what you are writing or how.

I’ve written 5 or 6 authors…both published and self-published. Usually you can find an email address on their website.

one of them I wrote to and asked how he envisioned his story ending, since the last book of his trilogy was never published (and he did tell me how he thoughti touwld, with the caveat, if the characters wanted it to go that way).

One sent me a whole bunch of signed book-plates to use as bookmarks.

I’ve always written to them politely, approached humbly, been direct and tossed in a few of my thoughts on how I took whatever it was I read. I also kept it brief.

So far, I’ve never faied to get a response and every interaction has been positive.

good luck!