What is the default binder font in Scrivener for Mac?

Could someone please tell me what the default font for the binder (i.e. the file and folder titles) is in Scrivener for Mac? I got a new screen and messed around with the fonts and now can’t remember what it originally was!

This is not listed in the fonts’ window, at least not in mine. So the question is rather, what font is the System Font! The Defaults button might do the trick but I assume it would reset all settings.

Last time I looked the underlying font was called San Francisco, which appears in the list as SF. If it doesn’t appear in Font Book (I’m not at my Mac now so can’t test…), it looks like you can download it from here (again, not tested, but it is Apple’s own site).



It seems to be Helvetica Neue – although when I make that change, the row spacing changes too. Row spacing can be adjusted, but I can’t make it the same as when using System Font. (Hopefully one of the devs will pass through and share the necessary incantation.)

Yeah, we can what find out what the system font is (which is dependent on the version of the operating system). But we can’t select it as such in the settings, causing some trouble. It’s not just Scrivener but also other applications like Mail. I’d like to hear an explanation or clarification from any developers.

I’m back on the Mac now and can check… As I said before, you can download the system font and use it as you want – it’s just not available by default and it’s given another name.

Have a look at the web page I posted the link to before and download the font called SF Pro (short for San Francisco) which is described by Apple

Download it and install the font from the dmg file. It will then be available for use in any program which allows you to select a font, as you can see from the screenshots below:

Yup, worked for me. Thanks.

Weird that the font is not available by default ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Apple doesn’t want it used for ANYTHING except UI and put restrictions in place so legitimate developers can’t offer it.