What is the DIFFERENCE between Novel and Novel with Parts?

Doesn’t every novel has parts, which are called chapter?

Is there a Scrivener glossary that explains some of your terms? Where?

I am reading through the Quick Start and some of the steps suddenly disappeared and I can’t get them back.

I even closed the app and opened it again but my Quick Start starts with Step 9.


“Novel with parts” means that the novel is broken up into two or more parts. Each of these will contain chapters, but the parts themselves are typically separate from each other narratively. This kind of thing usually happens with larger novels.

As to the rest of your questions, I’m unsure about the answers.

Regarding Parts, what Sanguinius said. Sometimes in books, you’ll just see a page that has a big roman numeral representing the “part”. Sometimes it’s actually called a ‘Book’ (such as some single-volume versions of Lord of the Rings, which is broken up into 6 “books”). Think of them as “Act” breaks, but for novels instead of plays. The templates Novel and Novel with parts are substantially similar except that the compile settings and starter folders are different, though you can alter any project created from any template to do the same things; it’s just easier to start with one similar to the (eventual) structure of your novel.

As for the tutorial “quick start”, that’s just a collection. It’s possible that you deleted the steps from the collection, which doesn’t affect the underlying the project documents. It’s also possible that you engaged the search feature, and you’re looking at the list of documents in the search results, which don’t include anything prior to step 9. Regardless of how it happened, the easiest solution is to close the tutorial project, located it on your hard drive and delete the entire .scriv folder and all its contents. Then create a new tutorial project, which should have a completely intact quick-start collection.

Thanks, rdale and Sanguinius. I appreciate the reply.