What is the difference between the two Draft Target Compile options?

There’s two options: “Count current compile group only” and “Only count documents set to be included in Compile.” What’s the difference between these two?

Also, is there a way to set non-compiled Draft documents to count toward the Session Targets? I have both options de-selected in Drafts but if I am writing in a draft document not set for compile it doesn’t count and “count text written anywhere” counts for non-draft stuff like notes.

Huge difference. Here is the Compile Group dropdown, where “Grey Kell” is the group. Compile treats that folder as if it were the Draft folder.

and here is that folder in the Binder. It’s a book in a series. In the image you see Draft, within it is the Series (Universal Mind), within that are books (Grey Kell is the first), and within those are chapters and scenes.

I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. What you write is what matters, not the counting of it.

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From the [User Manuals | Literature & Latte] User Manual 20.1.3:

Countonlydocumentsmarkedforinclusion Onlythosedocumentsthathave “Include in Compile” checked will be counted. Countonlydocumentsnotmarkedforinclusion As above, only with the inverse logic.

Count current compile group only Only calculates from documents that have been selected via the compile group dropdown in the Content pane of the Compile interface. This is the only compile-time option that can be disabled. All other compile options that restrict or modify output quantity will still be factored into the count.

The Compile group can be a subset if all Included documents.

If you count the compile group only, I think it will still count only the documents to be compiled, and that’s a smaller group than compiled documents in the entire Draft — unless you’re not using a compile group, in which case the two are the same thing. I’d experiment to find out, but why?