What is the ideal size for the composer background texture?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve tried using several wallpapers as a background image for the composer mode, but I can’t manage to find the right resolution so that the image is displayed entirely.
The picture repeats itself several times or is inappropriately cropped in a big zoom level.
I’ve tried many different sizes, even 5k images, but didn’t find the right setting… :question:

Doest anyone has any idea?

Hi, Chaarrliie.

That’s going to depend on the resolution of your monitor.

Personally I use the same image as I have on my desktop. I made a custom background with GIMP that is 2560x1440 which is the resolution of both of my monitors. This has the effect in composition mode of removing all of the distracting files and widgets but keeping the theme I like to see while I work.

You should be able to get your monitor resolution information from the control/preferences on either Windows or MacOS.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I managed to find the solution!

I have a retina 27" iMac and I used to set the same system wallpaper in Scrivener, which is originally set to 5120x2880…
BUT I had forgotten I had set the display monitor in a smaller definition so that texts would appear bigger, and that was what caused my issue.

I changed the resolution of the wallpaper to 1600x900 and it is perfectly displayed in Scrivener, thanks for opening my eyes to that! :wink:

It might be worth pointing out that this shouldn’t be necessary - in most apps (e.g. Safari, Mail, Scrivener) you can set the minimum size of font displayed, while in others (TextEdit and other WPs), you can zoom documents, e.g. display them at 125, 150, 200% etc, and apps like FileMaker let you do both. There is rarely a need to reset your display to an artificial lower resolution.

Well, not in my case.
I have sight issues, and even though the text I’m writing in Scrivener / reading in Safari and so on can be set bigger with the zoom (which I actually do), the text of the interface can not, and the settings of the preferences are not wide enough to remedy that.

The only solution I have found is to set a lower resolution of the screen. Trust me, I’ve researched the whole internet for a solution, but Apple didn’t think of that in their Accessibility settings and nobody tried to build an app for that.
That’s actually one of the reason I got a retina screen, so I could change the resolution without the screen becoming all blurry.

BUT, today I did the exact same thing (chose a wallpaper from the Desktop Pictures of the library, copied it, changed its resolution to 1600*900) and this time, it didn’t work AT ALL: dropbox.com/s/0rnwopyewgdz1 … 0.png?dl=0

So, I’m not getting it after all ^^

So unclear what the answer is. Is the size of the texture some function of the resolution of the screen size.
What is bugging me is that a narrow strip on the right hand side.

Why doesn’t scrivener just scale the texture to fit the screen versus tiling the texture which is so 80’s tech

I don’t know whether this will help anyone in the long run but, after A LOT of trial and error, I finally had success with the following:

16" Display Resolution: 3072 x 1920
Image Size: 3605 x 2245

I thought just setting the image size to match the resolution would work but it didn’t. I needed an image about 17% larger than the image resolution to stop it tiling.

Posted a suggestion to have a tick box to stop the background tiling and got a great response from Silverdragon about this:

Now, no matter what size the image is, it doesn’t tile. Problem solved!