What is this invisibles

What is the vertical line invisible at the bottom of the screen print attached? And how do I remove it?
Thank you.
Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 22.36.11.png

It’s a page break, I think. Just delete it as you would anything else on the page.

If it is invisible, how can we say there is something there to remove? The vertical blue line must be your cursor. You have a return at the end of the line above, which means there is a blank line and your cursor is at the beginning of it. I have no idea why it is blue, unless you have set your text colour to blue.

If you are referring merely to the blank area below your cursor, this suggests that your text only fills a portion of the available vertical space in the editor pane and that there is actually nothing below there that can be removed. One possibility is that you have “Typewriter Scrolling” turned on with the line set to the middle of the editing pane, and your cursor is on the last line of the document, so all below is blank.

Just my ½p.


It can not be deleted and is not the cursor.

Oh. I was confused by your calling something “invisible” that is clearly visible. :blush:

I’ve since opened Scrivener. nathanscribe is right. It indicates a page break. To remove it, you should be able to put your cursor at the beginning of the blank line below it and press delete. I’ve never used page breaks in Scrivener, so didn’t know what they look like.


Thanks I will try that.

Still can not delete it. For some reason there is a page break there that is not allowing the following sub docs to view in Scrivenings.
Any other suggestions?

Workaround: Make a fresh document. Copy any content you need from this one - but do not copy over the funny thing.


P.S. Definitely the “invisibles” representation for a page break. Don’t know why you can’t delete it though. Double clicking to the right of it should select the line. Clicking down on the line below it should put your cursor below it. In either scenario, Delete should take it out.

Will try. Thanks.