What is your experience with Scrivener?

I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve been using Scrivener for a decade now, and it can’t be beat as far as I’m concerned. I’ve not come across any problems in the 1.9x version (other than the Paddle debacle). The blip didn’t really affect me, other than I kept 1.9x updated as recommended, because by the time the Paddle switched occurred, I was already on Win Scrivener 3, starting with Beta 7.

Is it perfect writing software? Yes it is, for me. For others in the forums, not so much, but that’s life. Nothing is perfect in life or in writing.

There is much discussion about page numbers and the lack thereof, but many users don’t recognize that Scriv is not a word processor. It’s writing software. If you want page counts, try Word. If you want to write 250 or 350 words per page, Scrivener will do that. Just count the words. It seems to be too simple for a lot of writers to fathom.

But I’m not complaining. I just sit down and write, and the software works. Added bonus: it only cost, oh, I dunno, 45 bucks ten years ago? How’s that for a Return on Investment?

Write on, brothers and sisters!

Wait! Wut? What happened with the other two posts?

Spammers are getting more sophisticated, to the point where they and other sock-puppet accounts post and reply to legitimate-looking questions and statements. I’ve seen a few like the original post and thought they looked fishy. When someone with only a handful of posts creates a thread, and a reply comes from another account with only that post to their credit…

This is why we can’t have nice things. :unamused:

I would guess they were actually posts by a budding spammer and the moderators have removed them. But just so that you do have a reply …

I’ve been using Scrivener since January 2007, when I joined the forum, but maybe even a bit earlier.

Although I’ve used it for many, many things apart from anything published by me, now that I’m retired what I mostly use it for is working with a friend of mine in China on Chinese–English and English–Chinese translation—she teaches translation and interpreting and also works as a professional interpreter and translator. She’s a Windows user and we have had very little trouble working across platforms. For a brief period I had to keep Mac v. 2 running until the Windows 3 Beta became stable enough for her to migrate onto it.

I don’t consider myself a power user, as for what I do I need very few of Scrivener’s features, but split editors, snapshots, and labels are essential. The only time I’ve ventured into Corkboard was the last time I took part in NiaD, when I was so out of my depth I thought I’d give it a try. If I do NiaD again, I’ll probably make use of it.

So, for my initial outlay of around £40 and two upgrades, I’ve had nearly 13 years of use. Throughout, Scrivener has been very stable; it has worked or is working well with Dropbox, Sync and the late, lamented Cubby, both of which are/were necessary as Dropbox is blocked in China. I also have it on my iPad, but basically I never use it … not that there’s anything wrong with it (I don’t appear to have sync’ing problems on my iPad 3 running a fully updated iOS; I checked), it’s just that for what I’m mostly doing on Scrivener, I need the split editor, so I’m always on one of my Macs.


Then it’s lumps of coal for all of them!

My family (branch that still lives in coal country) thanks you!

I have to use a Stylus override that ensures all hyperlinks within posts are formatted in house style red, at baseline font size. You’ll see a lot of spammers now using quoted responses to existing threads where the quote is modified to contain black links or set to a microscopic size.

My guess is that it is less about duping people into clicking them (though that never hurts), and more about establishing seeding as many links to that page across the ’net as possible, to artificially inflate legitimacy in search engines that consider link-to in part of their ranking system.

Wow, an “invisible” spam link is hidden in your quote from rdale’s post (third line)… interesting.

I’ve seen that a couple of times. I’m surprised they didn’t [size=150]hide[/size] the link by applying it to the words in the original quote, instead of adding their own text as Ioa did in his example. I guess that’s the next innovation they’ll attempt, so it’s good he has that Stylus whatsit thingy* to make them stand out.

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To go back “on topic”, I’ve been using Scrivener since… 2008. It was my first legitimate attempt at NaNoWriMo, and about 5 days in, I was having trouble getting something in CopyWrite to work. I went looking at the sponsor’s page, and immediately fell in love with the skeuomorphic cork board. The way it helped me break down my over-long chapters into scenes was invaluable as I began to learn how to write creatively. I picked it up as I went, and immediately began “helping” as I figured stuff out myself.

I still haven’t produced any fiction I want to share with the world (though I’ve been “forced” to inflict it upon the world most years due to the nature of NiaD), but it’s been the best tool (for me) for writing on a Mac that I’ve seen so far. I don’t envy Keith though. If I were to write a Scrivener clone, I’d have long since forced users to use some form of mark-up instead of using RTF as the native format, and may have given up on allowing “any” file type to be imported into projects to simplify my support burden.

I love Scrivener. I may bitch, but that’s on me, and I shouldn’t

I use it for everything that needs writing and it gets everything I want done.

It accommodates my unruly mind and lets me get it in order. Better, it lets me catch those bits that fly by that happen when something else needs to be done.

Word is a different, less hospitable planet.

I get a not quite correct translation. maybe something is wrong with the settings.
I don’t have it figured out yet…

Ah, I see the light, so to speak. I never see those types of things. I quite happily use a VPN, specifically Windscribe. It has uBlock Origin built in, which takes care of just about everything I ever needed to know about ads and tracking.