What is your Solarized Dark or Light Main Font Color

The Solarized themes are awesome so happy to seem them included. I use dark.
Since the theme doesn’t include the main font color, I need to set it manually under
Preferences->Editing->Formatting otherwise the font color is black and you can’t
read it.

My question is for Solarized Dark users: what do you sent that main font color to?

Well that is odd! The theme as shipped should have set the main editor text settings to override the text colour (with desaturation), to Solarized Base1, or #93a1a1. That is I what I use at any rate.

If you haven’t been there before, it is in the Appearance: Main Editor: Colors tab in Preferences. The “Text” setting is where you can globally override without using formatting.

And once you’ve done that, you might want to use the Manage button in the lower left corner to save the theme (you can overwrite the original if you want).