What’s the method for changing styles’ attributes?

I have kind of done it successfully…possibly…changing fonts or colors for the pre-installed type styles is extremely hit and miss for me.

Can someone share the step by step of how to do it, please?

Thank you!

You can’t do this except on Mac. Sorry for the bad news. Do you need Mac instructions?

Then why can I sometimes / partially change styles?

In iOS Scrivener? You haven’t. You can change the formatting of text you’ve styled. You can change the default formatting of new documents (Select text that’s formatted the way you want then use Paintbrush menu, Formatting Options, Set as Default Formatting.) You can remove styles from text by selecting the text and using Paintbrush menu, Formatting options, Use default formatting.

But you cannot add, modify or delete a style. iOS Scrivener simply doesn’t have the ability to do this. If a style itself has been changed, then you did that to the project while working on the Mac.

You may be confused by the fact that Scrivener styles are “orthogonal”; Paragraph styles don’t necessarily affect character formatting (font, font size, italics and the like.) Character styles don’t affect paragraph formatting. Also, if you create a project on iOS, it doesn’t have styles as such. Instead, it has “Formatting presets”, which don’t behave like styles (This is so that your iOS-created projects are still compatible with Mac Scrivener 2, and Windows Scrivener 1.9). Check your project, and see which you have.

Hang on, this is a known issue. If you create a brand-new project on iOS for the first time, it won’t be compatible with v2. Projects can’t be compatible with both v2 and v3, even though Scrivener for iOS knows how to handle both. The default for iOS, as has been stated by L&L multiple times (and borne out by the experiences of many Windows + iOS users) is that it creates a v3-format project.

That’s not to say you’re wrong about where you can edit styles and so forth, merely to caveat that creating a new project directly on iOS requires v3 for the desktop to work with.

I no longer have a way to test a newly-iOS-minted project with v2 Scrivener, so I’m not in a position to dispute you; you’re probably right. Nonetheless, a newly-created project on iOS has “Formatting Presets” rather than “Styles.” And formatting presets work just like pasting formatting, more like the paintbrush in Word than a named style.

I in fact have modified the body style to my own choice of font, font size, such that if I highlight text that’s formatted otherwise, selecting the body style makes it so.

Agreed! And I just tested the new project creation on my iOS device. The resulting project opened in my Windows Scrivener beta, so it’s definitely a v3 project (I don’t have 1.9.x installed any more.) But otherwise, exactly as you say,

Fine. But there’s no interface in iOS Scrivener that lets a user do this. If you have a way to modify a named style or named formatting preset that only involves iOS Scrivener (NOT default formatting, which is different) and can do it reliably, please share it with us. I for one would be grateful for a method to do this in iOS Scrivener.

It’s very it and miss for me. My reason for starting this thread was to learn whether others have a non-hit-and-miss method. I’m getting a picture that this functionality is more a work in progress than a reliable function of Scrivener.

Like most of you, I’ve used many applications which allow styles or presets to be created / altered.

If that’s not the case with Scrivener, then it’s most curious why the tools make it look like you can change styles. To this question, only the Devs can provide an answer.