What screencast tips would you like?

But that’s what the manual does… :question:

Actually a full compile screencast is on the list. But I still have no idea who Kevin is…

The forum gremlin!

This is what happens when you work on a Saturday…

OH, KEITH, I am so sorry! I’ve been on this forum for three years and this is the first time I made that idiotic mistake. I must have seen the not Kevin tag as I typed and stupidly used it. :blush:

Ain’t that the truth, and after a night of flavored vodkas with friends — Sweet Tea Vodka, anyone? — which I rarely if ever drink.

I’ll let you off just this once, seeing as it is a Saturday night and I’m full of cheer (i.e. alcohol). :slight_smile:

Ah, Saturday night, where ch so easily becomes b.

I like this idea, will save on notebooks and scraps of paper :smiley:

So obvious. Why didn’t I realize it?

I’ve come up with a (flattering) solution.

I just started working with a guy named Kevin. Work related.

So you, Keith, are K2 for me from here on. Second highest mountain after Everest. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you haven’t seen it already, there’s a thread (likely more than one) about this in the Zen section, and AndreasE shared some tips and a template (further down the thread) to give an idea of how one could have a “master project list” in Scrivener.

If nobody’s suggested it yet (haven’t read all the suggestions), maybe a good one-minuter might be a response to poor Aristo’s post about setting the text white on a blue background: “How to change text and background colours”?

I’d also love a shortie on how to organise a big book. I’m working on a biography at the moment, and have a tottering stack of files and folders in one project; it would be good to see alternative ways of organising this.

And maybe a quickie on how to change the very basic preferences - setting spelling to your desired language, that kind of thing. (And how do you get into the dictionary to edit it when you’ve accidentally added ‘quickee’ when you meant to correct it to ‘quickie’).

I would like to know more about the SYNC with…or whatever it is so I can open my project on my MacBook Pro OR my iMAC and have it look the same!

If you want a video about how to use Dropbox, there are surely many of those out there already. Once you understand how these programs work, you’ll see that using them with Scrivener is just like using your computer normally, for the most part. If you’ve ever kept a .doc file synced between two computers, you already know what to do.

You do want to be careful of avoiding conflicts, tough. That is of course true of everything, but more so with any complex format like Scrivener.

Thank you for opening up this thread.
I personally would like to see some video tutorials on how to revise a novel-length project—replete with text colors, comparing snapshots, and other ways of developing a revision workflow.
Thank you! :smiley:

I second the revision post above.

I suggest a short vid on how to change section layouts in compile. I’m stuck applying section layouts as they are.

There are two videos on section layouts. Hope they help!

I second/third the vid on the Manual production.