What to do before installing Scrivener 2.0?


I already have Scrivener 1.54 installed on my Mac and have just purchased the upgrade to 2.0.

What should I do in preparation for installation of Scrivener 2.0?

When I install version 2.0 will the installation convert the 1.54 version to 2.0? Or will I be left with two versions? If I am left with two versions, how do I completely delete version 1.54?

Just wanting some guidance so I get off running to a clean, clash-free start with Scrivener 2.0.

I am so excited!!! :slight_smile:


Darren McDonald


I’ve renamed Scrivener (1.54) from “Scrivener” to “Scrivener 1.54” for myself purpose; and then is like every OS X install procedure: just mount the .dmg file, then drag Scrivener 2 to App folder, umount .dmg, tharsh it and launch Scrivener 2.0.

I’ve changed the default scrivener folder to be binded w/ my old one, and it’s all done; Scrivener 2.0 upgrade Scrivener 1.0 projects and make a backup of it in the same dir; that’s all.

I’m curious about this as well…

I have an early 1.5 (or whatever) scrivener that I paid for …

I also have the (ends-Dec 7-version) Scrivener 2.0, which I’ve created lots of new files with…

…so if I upgrade, does it create a third version, or does it alter one of these two other versions?

And will the stuff I wrote in the try-out Scrivener 2.0 still be accessible?

Each version of Scrivener is a standalone application file (or package of files anyway). You can both Scrivener 2.0 and 1.54 on your hard drive at the same time and nothing bad will happen!

But why would you want to? Deleting 1.54 makes more sense and it won’t in any way affect the project files you save and work on. These are kept separately in whatever folder you’ve specified.

I just deleted my 1.54 Scrivener, moved the 2.0 application to the applications folder and continued working. The first time you start it up you might have to navigate to the project file to open it, if it doesn’t show in the “recent projects” menu.

When you go to open a 1.54 file with 2.0, 2.0 will update the older 1.54 files to 2.0 format before working on them - and it will leave a copy of the older format project file safely where it found it, just in case anything goes wrong - but it won’t.


But is the (use before Dec 7) 2.0 version different than the upgraded 2.0 version?

What happens to files created in the (Dec 7) Scrivener?

Nothing happens to them. They just sit there in their folder waiting to be opened by something.

NaNo scriv was released as a preview of 2.0. It’s the same programme, except Keith has had time to solve some more bugs, more work has been done on the manual, and more templates are included.

But that’s not really the point. The point for you to grasp, (as I see it,) is that your project files exist independently of the different versions of Scrivener you have downloaded. You can open them with the NaNo trial version, or the 2.0 version. Either will work.

My suggestion is that you delete all earlier versions of the programme - 1.54, and the NaNo version - and just use 2.0.


How about this:

v 1.5 will only open v1.5 files.
v 2.nano will open v2.nano files and v1.5 files
v 2.0-full will open v2.0-fill, v2.nano and v1.5 files (AKA all of them).

You can install 2.0 and still open all your old projects.

Yup, the NaNo version and the official 2.0 release are effectively the same. There are some more templates, polish, and bug fixes, but otherwise these are the same programs and will open the same files. If you are already using the NaNo preview version, I recommend upgrading because doing so will be seamless and there are fixed bugs in the new version.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for all the feedback. I think the best thing is to completely delete version 1.xx.

The new user manual says simply dragging the scrivener icon from the applications folder into the trash will do the trick. However, there will be files left throughout the OS if I just do that. So, I would like to know what and where are the associated files so I can delete them too. I want to do a clean install of scrivener 2.0.

Looking forward to your guidance.


Darren McDonald

~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener may have some stuff–however, you may want to keep that if you created any templates in 1.54, since they’re stored in the ProjectTemplates folder there and 2.0 will be able to upgrade them so you can continue to use them. You could always move it elsewhere and then re-import anything you want for the new version, since you probably don’t need duplicates/older versions of standard templates that come packaged with the program.

~/Library/Preferences will have a couple files starting “com.literatureandlatte” which house your preferences; you can trash those and start fresh with 2.0. (2.0 will actually make new ones with a different name, so it won’t really matter as far as the program goes, but since you’re not using them it’s true they’d just be clutter on your hard drive, albeit very tiny clutter.)

Yes - I had a rummage through my hard drive and found very little of note. As Mimetic Mouton says, there were a couple of com.literatureandlatte files in Preferences but only, like, two, and they were small. I’m not sure that it’s worth worrying about.


Hello Folks

Thanks again for all the replies and for taking the effort of searching your hard drives. The Mac community is way cool!!! :smiley:

I wrote to support to get the nitty-gritty of which files to delete to completely clean the hard disk of earlier versions of Scrivener 2.0. I post the response below. But in summary, there is no need to completely delete all related files as Scrivener 2 uses different preference files than Scrivener 1. So, that eliminates my concerns over possible conflicts between versions. Also, it seems it is actually a good idea to keep the previous files especially if you want to retain custom templates. In my case, I had had not done any serious work with Scrivener 1.54, just tried to get myself familiar with how the application works. Now I start the serious stuff where I will be using Scrivener 2.0 to write up my PhD dissertation from tomorrow!

Cheers to all! :smiley:

Darren McDonald

I’ll say right at the top, this isn’t particularly necessary because Scrivener 2 uses different preference files than Scrivener 1. Therefore an installation of S2 is going to be “clean” pretty much by default. Most users are going to want to retain their custom templates and so forth, too. But here is how you totally wipe out Scrivener:

  1. Of course, delete the application from your Applications folder
  2. Navigate to your Library/Preferences folder and delete these two files:
    • com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist
    • com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.LSSharedFileList.plist
  3. Navigate to your Library/Application Support folder and move the Scrivener folder to trash as well.

That’s it.

I’m not sure what the purpose of that is—those steps would only need to be taken in the most dire of widespread preference/support file corruption cases, but there you have it.

I suppose at that point if you wanted to get scorched earth about it, you could use Spotlight to track down all of your .scriv files and delete them too, but now are really getting into overkill territory. :slight_smile:

Just to let everyone know, the part in the quote above removes the actual project files.

Yes, thanks Jaysen, I didn’t realise that last near-joke would get posted here too. People please don’t do that. Unless you have only ever noodled around in Scrivener without doing any serious work. If you delete all of your .scriv files you will lose everything you have ever written in Scrivener.

There really is only one thing you need to do before upgrading to 2.0: download the .dmg.

Seriously. That’s it. New preferences file. If you are slightly paranoid run disk utility and fix disk permissions (don’t bother with “check” assume they are wrong).

Anything more is pretty much a waste of time.