What Uses, Other than Writing, Do You Have for Scrivener?

I not only find Scrivener to be incredibly useful, and (generally) a joy to use, and essential for my fiction and non-fiction projects, but I also use it for other purposes.

For example, I use Scrivener for Song Writing, Car Trips, Genealogy, Review Writing.

I find the Metadata tools particularly useful for tracking information, making statuses, and for creating specialized data.

What uses, other than writing, do you have for Scrivener?


I wish it would make coffee.


Vacuuming would also be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

I use Scrivener like others use Devonthink. About half of it is writing. The other half is organizing, a kind of database for everything. With metadata and any combination of that, I’ve built a logical system for me to find everything. Keywords and the “Project Keywords Panel” in particular have proven to be more useful than I initially thought. The project search can be optimized with a few tricks and delivers everything I need. Even very complex searches can be saved as one collection and called up with a single click.

Scrivener is beautiful, functional and reliable. I don’t see why I would need anything else. And no, Scrivener can’t do too much. I have never understood this criticism. If you don’t need a feature, just don’t use it. Needs change over time. Discovering a feature years later that you never used is an advantage, not a shame.


Hi fto.
Thanks for your reply.

Every few months I discover or come to understand another Scrivener feature, and almost without exception, start to use that feature, and it enriches my work flow and enjoyment and appreciation of Scrivener.

Keywords, and the Project Keywords Panel is something that only ‘clicked’ with me a couple of weeks ago, but I now use it a lot of the time, and find it very useful.

I will revisit saving complex searches as a Collection, because I think I have heard of using Collections that way before, but do not fully understand that functionality - yet.

I agree about Scrivener being beautiful, functional, and reliable, and even though I occasionally investigate other programs, I just end up realising they only provide a part of what I get with Scrivener.

Thanks again.

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