What version am I running?

Hi, I downloaded Scrivener some time ago but really haven’t had the proper time to learn the software. I have a few things that I have done on there but not much. I came across a coupon and want to purchase the program because I know I will love it once I have the time to I learn it.
My questions are:

  1. How do I know which version I am using?
  2. Will my old documents work on a newer version or will I have to copy and paste everything to the new updated version?
  3. Is there somewhere you can look up the differences between the versions to see the changes?
    Thank you for your input.

Hi Lori!

You can go to Help → About Scrivener to find your version number. If your purchased before March of this year, you have Scrivener 1.

The first time you open a Scrivener 1 project in Scrivener 3, a backup will be created of the original and the project will be converted to the new project type; you’ll then be able to pick up where you left off.

We do have a guide to Scrivener 3 for Scrivener 1 users highlighting some key differences that you can download here.

If you already have a license for Scrivener 1, your upgrade to Scrivener 3 is either free or 49% off, depending on when you purchased. You can find the upgrade guide here.

Thank you JenT for your quick response. According to the about page, I am running Version: - 14 Nov 2019. I have the trial version, I haven’t purchased the license yet. I found a coupon code for 25% off and wanted to make sure that I do it correctly. So, do I download the newer version and then buy the license?

Yes, download the V3 trial and get comfortable with it, then purchase.

Hi Lori,

If you own a license for Scrivener 1, you’ll want to follow the instructions in the upgrade guide to get 49% off the purchase price of Scrivener 3—we aren’t able to stack coupons, so you’d have to choose 49% or your 25% off coupon.

If you currently have the free trial of v1 installed and you want to now purchase a license for Scrivener 3, you can purchase via the webstore immediately using your coupon or you can download the free trial and use the 30 days before purchasing, whichever you prefer.

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